What Am I?

Read the clues from the book to guess the riddle. Circle the correct answer.


1. I am a region in northeastern Egypt.          2. I am a holiday. People hold street
    I have rugged mountains in my                       festivals. They decorate their homes
    southern part. I am surrounded by                  and eat special meals. They celebrate
    water on three sides. What am I?                   Muhammad's birthday. What am I?

        Nile Valley       Eastern Desert                               Iftar             Eid el-Fitr 

                  Sinai Peninsula                                                    Moulid-el Nabi

3. I am a type of food. I am used to make        4. I am a type of animal. I live in the
    many dishes. People have to boil me              wetlands along the Nile River. I eat  
    to make me soft. What am I?                           fish in the river. What am I?

         wheat                chickpeas                                     jackal                     ibex 

                     fava beans                                                                  crane


5. I was built in ancient Egypt. I carried             6. I am a piece of clothing. I am a long
    water from the Nile River to nearby                    loose shirt. I may be white, beige,
    farms. I was used to help grow crops.               gray, or light blue. Mean wear me 
    What am I?                                                           over cotton pants. What am I?

       papyrus          hieroglyphics                                       hijab                 ta'miya

               irrigation system                                                              galabea    


           Challenge: Use the book to make your own riddle. Have a friend solve it.


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